Re-purposing Wood

When we bought our land it came with a few extras (and not, I’m not talking about the mice or snakes or lizards) it came with piles upon piles of construction waste, debris and general garbage. Now we were fully aware of the “baggage” that came along with the land (we did however not count on them leaving a basement full of junk, but that is another story) it was one of the reasons we were able to afford this place and we fully intend on cleaning it up and taking care of this place. Some of the items are just junk, they can’t be used, piles of ply wood that have been sitting outside for ten years are ruined, pieces of vinyl and other small odds and end just need to be hauled off to the dump.

However, there is some wood that can be re-used and re-claimed and as time had gone on we have found many uses for the naturally aged wood that is lying around.

IMG_5071 (a group of poorly build out buildings and sheds that need to come down, we are re-using everything we can)

IMG_5072 IMG_5073 (One example of the numerous piles of stuff just lying around)

Dadzoo has been slowly cutting and stacking the smaller pieces of wood to use as fire wood next winter when we have a wood stove.

I have also had my eye on a few pieces, and since I love all things rustic and old Dadzoo was able to build me some shelves and a cabinet for the new bathroom and laundry room.

IMG_5077Sometimes junk, is just junk, but sometimes it can become treasure too.


First Snow

I have many blog posts just waiting to be written, the last few months have been hard and strange and I am just starting to feel a little like myself again, although I think I have been forever altered, hopefully for the better.

We had our first snow of the season here on Quail Run Farm, we feel snug and cozy inside the warm farm house, as we prepare for Christmas and work on a few indoor projects.

117 118 113 110 111 102


Landscaping the Wild

 Being that we aren’t in a typical neighborhood, things like manicured lawns and flower beds aren’t what we are putting our effort into.

Our land will always be a bit on the wild side
and I don’t mind one bit

being who I am, I have to do a little something here and there.  We have a U shaped drive way, leaving a U shaped patch of land in the front of the house.  It is a great spot for a little wild landscaping.  I am a little enamored with some of the nature pastures and meadows around and my plan is to mimic that.


The bare, U shaped area in front of the house.  The only landscaping that has ever been done, as far as we can tell, was a load of driveway gravel dumped and spread about.
(blek) IMG_3976

We got the kids to work, raking out old tumble weeds and other garbage and setting out some drought tolerant plants I purchased. IMG_3977 IMG_3970 IMG_3978 IMG_3973 IMG_3979 IMG_3967 IMG_3980 IMG_3968 IMG_3969 IMG_3984

The key, for landscaping a natural looking meadow, it to not do too much.  We added a couple grasses, yarrow and a bush or two.
The biggest thing in achieving our meadow look was to add water.

Liquid gold.

After about three weeks, this is what our little meadow looks like:


It is lush and green, mostly natural grasses that just needed a little coaxing. IMG_4191

I never knew there were so many different grasses, and so many colors of green. IMG_4189

Pretty wild flowers. IMG_4188 IMG_4186 IMG_4185

All in all, I am pretty satisfied how it has turned it.
It is wild
and natural
green and pretty.

I plan on adding other meadow/pasture areas as things on the farm progress.
The next spot will be the orchard.

Clean up

 Our property has a lot of…. stuff, laying around.

Piles and piles everywhere
mostly construction debre


A lot of unusable wood and ruined plywood, 2×4’s and posts, brick, vinyl, beer bottles, milk crates, misc metal parts, rock, and garbage.

And it is all over, covering much of the property. IMG_4072

As part of the cleanup effort we have been spending our evenings gathering up wood pieces and stacking them.

The slaves  kids bring the boards and misc pieces to Dadzoo, who cuts them into 16 inch lengths and then they are stacked, or if they are smaller than 16 inches, they go into a scrap bin.IMG_4075

Stacked just so, they will be used in the wood stove this winter, and the smaller pieces in the fire-pit outside.
(this is just the very start, we have a lot more where this all came from)IMG_4074

While it is frustrating to see such a beautiful place be mistreated and used as a garbage dump, we can help but see the blessing in free firewood. IMG_4073

(Lou found this stick while picking up boards and played Gandalf the whole evening, jumping in front of her, very annoyed, sisters saying “You shall not pass!”) IMG_4077

These are pictures of parts of the unspoiled pasture, I never knew there were so many different grasses here in the high desert, or so many shades of green.

So lovely. IMG_4078 IMG_4079