First Snow

I have many blog posts just waiting to be written, the last few months have been hard and strange and I am just starting to feel a little like myself again, although I think I have been forever altered, hopefully for the better.

We had our first snow of the season here on Quail Run Farm, we feel snug and cozy inside the warm farm house, as we prepare for Christmas and work on a few indoor projects.

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Sassy, the Lizard Whisperer

We have a lot of little lizards scuttling around this here place of ours.  I guess, considering it is the desert, and there is a fair amount of rocks and sand it would be a given that there would be lizards.

Sassy holding a newly caught lizard

I just didn’t think of it before.

Monkey holding the lizard with help from Boo

She liked it just fine, until the lizard started to climb up her arm, she didn’t like that one bit.

Anytime it is sunny outside and we walk about the property we find lizards.  Which means there are snakes too, and the rattling kind, but I try not to think to hard on that and think only of the lizards, since they are kind of cute and don’t bite or inject poison into peoples bodies.

Lizard hanging out with Little Man

Our little Sassy has become quite the lizard wrangler, she had found a method that works almost all the time and had caught quite a few of the little critters.  We keep the small reptiles around for a little while, but let them go after a while, lizards are good to have around, they eat bugs, and bugs eat my garden, therefore, lizards are our friends here on Quail Run Farm.


More Blessings

(this post is picture heavy, and some of them are rather large pictures, some of them are from my phone and aren’t great quality, but I felt I needed to post them all, as this blog is somewhat of a journal)

June 2012 has been one of the driest Junes on record for the state of Utah, and I would assume for most of the west.  Combine that with the two previous exceptionally wet years and you have the perfect recipe for wild fires.  It has been hot, and windy, the kind of hot wind that just sucks all the energy out of you.
It seems like every corner of the west has been affected by wild fires, and Utah is no exception, as of yesterday (July 4) there were 10 wild fires burning across the state.

On the afternoon of June 21st a wildfire was sparked that hit very close to home.

The morning of June 22nd, I am in the car heading towards home, which is about 5 miles away. As I passed this neighborhood mandatory evacuations were starting.

Morning of June 22nd, this picture was taken about two hours after the previous one. The fire is now a few miles farther south, about two miles from my home.

This picture was taken at the same time as the one above, a few minutes later this neighborhood was evacuated as well.

Through out the afternoon my neighborhood was put on alert, we were to be ready to evacuate at anytime.  The kids and I packed the things we felt were important, and spent the afternoon watching and waiting.  All the roads into our city had beed closed (too keep the sight seers away) and about half the city was empty.  We watched helicopters fly to the lake, pump water and dump it on the fire, there were also big planes dumping fire retardant around the perimeter, a fire break was also built around the neighborhood.

The view of the fire from our back door. There was much praying that those horrible hot winds wouldn't change direction and blow the flames towards our homes.

Towards the evening, as the sun went down, the winds did change direction so instead of moving southeast, they were going southwest. West was good, that was away from the homes and we weren't evacuated.

The view of the fire that night from our back door. It was almost directly behind us, but much farther west than it had been earlier that day.

Since the fire behind our house there have been a dozen or so wildfires in Utah. Many homes have burned. The latest started the afternoon of July 3rd, east and north of us near a city named Alpine. This is how it looked a couple hours after it started from my city. It threw up a lot more smoke and such because it is burning in big pine forests.

Sunday July 1st, our family along with many other people fasted and prayed that there would be some relief, hopefully in the form of rain and cooler temperatures.  We need some moisture so badly to help with those fires, to keep new ones from burning and to give moisture to the tinder dry conditions around the state.  So we fasted and waited.

 On Sunday there was no rain in the forecast.

As the days went on it started looking like something might happen at the end of the week, but it wasn’t a sure thing.

This morning, I woke up to rain.
Not just scattered thunder storms, but good steady drizzly rain!  Not enough to cause mud slides on the damaged hills, or flash flooding, but enough to give everything a good soaking.

Nice low clouds, full of rain, much different from the smoke that has been hanging around.

 Today I am feeling so blessed

Because I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.