She Speaks

It’s been a long time, way too long. I would like to blame the events of last fall on my long absence, but I can’t, in all honesty, do that. Maybe it had something to do with it, something about a tragedy makes a person think and evaluate, for better or worse. Mostly though felt like I had nothing to say anymore, one can only talk about gardening and chickens and canning so much before things get boring and monotonous. Besides there are a thousand blogs out there on the same subject with better writers and photographers. I guess you could say my self confidence took a major nose dive!  On top of that this year has been the most frustrating gardening year of my entire life. I had so many plans and dreams, and they all pretty much feel flat on their faces, a combination of poor soil, cool temps and a sick me made for a bad season and, I’m anticipating, a disappointing  harvest, which means if I want to can much this year I’m buying produce, which defeats the whole “self sufficient” idea.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty down about my efforts this year.

On a happier note, notice how I mention being sick, well that is because I’m expecting again.  Due the first of January, and this has been a wonderfully horrible pregnancy.  Wonderful because the sickness means my hormones are working as usual, horrible because I have been sick and spending a good part of my day laying down, and that is hard on everybody. We did find out two weeks ago that we are having a bouncing baby boy, and so far he looks healthy. With our little angel we had a healthy ultrasound at sixteen weeks too, but something happened between 16 and 20 weeks when we lost him. To say the last few weeks have been a tad anxious would be an understatment. I’m fortunate though, to be under the care of a compassionate midwife who graciously lent me the use of her dopplar and every night before bed I find my baby boy’s heart beat and my mothers heart rests a little easier.


Thing 1 and Thing 2

Or, as they are called at our house: The Little Girls
Monkey (#6) and Squishy (#7)

 It is funny to me how children, coming from the same parents can be so different.  Take these two little gals for instance.  The older of the two is short and thin, the younger is tall and fluffy.  They wear the same size diaper (cloth and disposable).  The baby is wearing clothes her older sister was wearing only six months ago.  Monkey (#6) is in the bottom 10th percent for height and weight, Squishy (#7) is in the top 10th percent for height and weight.

I love their differences, all the differences that my children have, it adds variety, fun and challenges to life.

House in Order


I have 10 weeks until baby sister is to make her debu, I am feeling a great need to get my house in order, especially considering that we are planning a home birth.  However, I am finding that need to order and clean my home in sharp contrast and conflict to my great need of extra sleep.