“Sage Brush Country” by Rolland Luke Dingman

It has been three weeks and one day since Dadzoo and I decided that we should look into selling our home and moving.  We have talked a lot over the years about someday moving, but it was always far into the future, figuring that we still had a lot of things to take care of before we were financially ready to sell.  Also we had a very definite goal in mind.  We didn’t just want to move to another suburb somewhere, we wanted land, and that can be expensive.

Three Sundays ago, Dadzoo and I have the definite impression that now was the right time to move, it was completely out of the blue, we hadn’t talked about moving for a while and our finances hadn’t changed much.  After talking awhile to each other we decided to investigate further, see what money we had saved and see what our home could sell for and how much money we would make from it.  We also started to look around at what was for sale that had acreage.  We shuffled numbers, saw what was out there and came to the conclusion that we really could do this!  We could make it work.

So we contacted a realtor, started working on preparing and staging our home for sell and within two and a half weeks we were on the market, and had a house that we wanted to purchase.  On Wednesday our house had a sign in the front and someone drove past, called our realtor to set up a showing for the next day, we weren’t even officially listed on MLS at that point, by Thursday night we had an offer.

So right now we are under contract for the sell of our house, meanwhile we have put an offer on the house we want to buy and are under contract with that as well.  Now we have to jump through all the hoops, of home inspections and appraisals and such.  If all works well, we will be moving into our new home (double the size with 5 acres) the first weekend in January, less than 7 weeks after we had our first impression that it was time to move.

I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of me and my family and who directs our path.  I pray that all will go well these next few weeks and that we will be able to buy our dream acreage, and make the new home our dream as well.

Stepping Forward


Not a great picture of our home, but the only one I could find.

Not a great picture of our home, but the only one I could find.

It has always been our dream to own some land, not much, but more than we currently have.  I has seemed like something that was always going to be far away, out of our reach.

But not so, anymore.

The shed/chicken coop in the back yard. I have enjoyed finding ways to grow food on a small plot of land.

After some direct prompting, looking hard at our finances and what the houseing market is like, we have made the plunge. In ten days our house will offically go on the market.  We are selling, and looking for something new, something a little big bigger and some land, where we can really “homestead”.

The year this picture was taken we harvested one hundred pounds of carrots.

We have had mixed reactions from the children, and I will admit to some mixed feelings myself.  This is our first home, we have been here 11 years and added five children to out family, on of which was actually born here.  However, I am excited for new adventures.  We will be able to garden like crazy people, have livestock and a dog.

Getting ready to plant raspberries, I will miss those, but plan on planting more at our new home.

Here’s to new adventures, prayers that our home will sell, that we will find a place to put down our roots and to dreams coming true.

Many memories….

Flowers at the Window

I love the way my Mock Orange blossoms look in the sunlight on my kitchen window seal, a little piece of pretty perfection.
















And the fragrance, incredible, better than any scented candle!