Clothesline, Bestill My Heart

I have always enjoyed using a clothesline, for so many reasons.

I love being out in the sunshine and fresh air
I love the quiet as I hang laundry
I love listening to the birds
I love feeling the sun on my neck
(while not as romantic)
I love the energy savings, sunshine is free, I don’t pay for it
I love how fresh and clean the laundry smells
I love the disinfectant power of sunlight
I love the whitening power of sunlight

Saturday Dadzoo made me a clothesline

Monday as I was walking out to the line to hang a load of diapers I found that I needed to add another “love” to my list.I LOVE that view.
How lucky am I that I get to look at THAT while doing laudry!

Breath Of Spring

 March might have come in like a lion, but has now mellowed out into a soft springtime lamb.

With the coming of sunny days and soft temperatures I feel the great desire to clean out the cobwebs from my brain and house.  One of my most anticipated “firsts” of spring is hanging out the laundry.  The other day was just perfect, the was a light breeze and the temperatures were in the sixties.  I haven’t hung out laundry since before Lydia was born last summer and I had forgotten how much I enjoy hanging laundry.  I had forgotten how fresh and clean everything smells, how much I enjoy the quiet while outside hanging wet clothes, and how much I love the feel of the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair.


What is your favorite “first” of spring?

12 Reasons I Love My Clothesline

1. Quietly hanging up clothes in the warm spring air.
2. Saving about a dollar a day in electricity

3. The smell of freshly dried clothes and sheets!
(On a nice hot day, I can get all my laundry washed and dried using my clothes line, usually by the time a new load is ready to hang the old load is dry. My line can hold about three loads of laundry)

4. The clothes are less wrinkly

5. Clothes don’t shrink.

6. My whites are very white, without Clorox.

(levis go on the line first thing in the morning, they take the longest to dry)

7. Sunshine is a natural “anti-bacterial”

8. On a warm day in the summertime my clothes dry faster on the line than in my 800$ fancy shamncy dryer. For FREE!

(Dadzoo’s new white shirt)

9. I love to look at my little girls dresses, skirts and nightgowns dancing in the wind.

10. It makes me laugh when my 3 year old boy pretends that the clothes pins are “monsters”

(Punk#5 is a winner for staining his little undershirts, an afternoon in the sun, and the stains are gone!)

11. I think it is funny when people give me odd looks when they find out I use a clothes line. It use to bug me, but I got over it.

12. It makes me feel self sufficient.

(Overlapping clothes saves on the amount of pins that are needed)


Is one on my least favorite chores.

I haven’t found a way to enjoy this chore yet.

Any suggestions?

What is your least favorite chore and have you learned to like it or do you just suffer through it?