Breath Of Spring

 March might have come in like a lion, but has now mellowed out into a soft springtime lamb.

With the coming of sunny days and soft temperatures I feel the great desire to clean out the cobwebs from my brain and house.  One of my most anticipated “firsts” of spring is hanging out the laundry.  The other day was just perfect, the was a light breeze and the temperatures were in the sixties.  I haven’t hung out laundry since before Lydia was born last summer and I had forgotten how much I enjoy hanging laundry.  I had forgotten how fresh and clean everything smells, how much I enjoy the quiet while outside hanging wet clothes, and how much I love the feel of the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair.


What is your favorite “first” of spring?

Cloth Diapers, How To

Like I had said before , cloth diapering is very simple and very different from what our grandmothers use to do.  While I am no where near an expert when it comes to cloth diapering, having only done it for the last 6 weeks (and loving it) I thought I would share how I cloth diaper and the type of diaper I use. 

I use what is called a contour diaper.  It is a cotton flannel diaper with a separate diaper cover that is used for several diaperings.  The picture above is the diaper cover, it is lined with plastic to keep the wet in and everything else dry.  I have found  that these covers hold in the wet just as well, if not better than disposable diapers.  The only big blow outs I have had, so far, with the baby where when I had her in disposable diapers while out and about.

The cloth diaper is laying inside the diaper cover, ready for baby.

The big wings just wrap around the baby,

and the diaper cover snaps over the cloth diaper, no need for diaper pins.


This is my wet bag, it is lined with plastic, the diapers are stored in there (the top zips shut) until they are washed.

Baby, all nice and clean in her soft cloth diapers.
Love these thing!


This is where I purchased my diapers:
They have just about every style and system of diaper out there.

I also got my Moby Wrap there,
more on that wonderful piece of baby gear later!

Cloth Diapering



We are six weeks into our first experience with cloth diapering. In all honesty, I would have to say: I wish I had been doing it all along.  Cloth diapering has been so easy and simple, I hardly notice that we are doing it, and I LOVE not buying paper diapers and spending all that money only to throw it away.  Cloth diapering is a completely different animal than it was 20 years ago, there are many different styles and systems and, best of al,l gadgets that keep your hands out of the toilet!  Washing machines are more efficient and heavy duty and can handle, with no problem, loads of diapers.

Diapers, cloth wipes, inserts and covers all folded and ready to put away.


diaper cover

I chose to use a contour type diaper with a separate diaper cover that can be used for several diaperings. 

Diaper inserts, I add these at night to help with the extra absorbency. My mother-in-law made these for me.


When it is time for a diaper change the soiled diapers go into a wet bag, and later that evening the whole bag goes into the washing machine.  Right now while I am nursing, I don’t have to rinse out any of the diapers.  When she gets older and solid food is introduced any soiled diapers will be quickly rinsed out, using a sprayer attachment, in the toilet, no scrubbing needed, the washing machine can get it all clean.

Wet bag, hanging on the side of the changing table. I have two I use, one to wash and one to use.

 When the diapers are all washed, right before bed, I hang everything on a small drying rack to air dry over night.  I do this for two reasons, the first is that it makes the diapers and inserts more absorbent, it also saves energy, not using the dryer, which saves a little money.

Diapers and other accessories drying in the morning sun.

 Had anyone else tried cloth diapering, what was your experience?