Clothesline, Bestill My Heart

I have always enjoyed using a clothesline, for so many reasons.

I love being out in the sunshine and fresh air
I love the quiet as I hang laundry
I love listening to the birds
I love feeling the sun on my neck
(while not as romantic)
I love the energy savings, sunshine is free, I don’t pay for it
I love how fresh and clean the laundry smells
I love the disinfectant power of sunlight
I love the whitening power of sunlight

Saturday Dadzoo made me a clothesline

Monday as I was walking out to the line to hang a load of diapers I found that I needed to add another “love” to my list.I LOVE that view.
How lucky am I that I get to look at THAT while doing laudry!

Many Hands


How do you clean miles and miles of neglected tile, tile that probably hasn’t seen a mop in many moons?

The tile on the bottom middle of the picture, has been cleaned, the others around it are filthy, this picture doesn’t do it justice.

Why, lots of littles of coarse!

Each child got a section and got to work scrubbing.
This is Boo working on her section

Lou doing hers, she was the best helper and had been working on little sections all week.

Sassy, my little neat nick, her tiles sparkled

and Monkey, always wanting… no insisting on helping, so she got her own scrubber

…and she helped

…and when she got bored she tore up the scrubber

silly Monkey


Pantry Makeover

Our new house is a fixer-upper.

There are holes in the walls, doors that need replacing, things that don’t work and everything needs a coat of paint and a lot of love.

There are also some significant design flaws in the layout.  For instance, there is only one full bathroom for all nine of us, also to get to the back bedroom one must walk through the bathroom (which is a master bathroom) and through the laundry room.  We have plans to create another bathroom and a hallway into the back bedroom, and we have hired professionals for that.

As for the cosmetic work and all the small repairs, we are on our own.  It is fun to decorate this house, knowing it is our forever home and I don’t have to think about someday selling it.  One of our first projects was the pantry.  We did it first for a couple reasons, one that I needed a functional place to store food, second, it is small and easy to do, third it is too cold outside to paint cabinet doors (for the kitchen, another post).

The pantry is a pretty good size room, but it had no shelving, someone took it all down (there were still holes and anchors in the wall).  The walls were also dirty and needed a new coat of paint.

I decided that I wanted to paint the pantry walls a color that I wouldn’t paint any other room in the house.  Something really bright, and pretty, and maybe a little obnoxious.

I picked this bright peachy/pink color out, and it was beautiful in the store, and in the paint can, but on the walls it GLOWED, and I love it!

Adding white shelving mellowed the color out a great deal, and I loved it even more.

 YAY, to my first real pantry and to my wonderful handy husband… on to the next project!

(notice the empty shelves…HEAVEN)









I generally think women should be capable.

I don’t have a problem with division of labor and gender rolls in general.  Here at the “zoo” Dadzoo and I have our rolls, our division of labor.  Mostly it runs along traditional gender ideals.  I don’t work outside the home, Dadzoo does.  I mostly handle the day to day caring of the home and children, Dadzoo brings home the money and takes care of the more physical chores involving our home.  That is basically what we have done, and it works for us.  However, there have been times where one of us has had to take over for the other.  I have found that it makes things much easier if I am at least capable of doing Dadzoo’s “stuff” even if I am not proficient at it.  (As a side note, he does a much better job taking over for me, than I do in taking over for him).

For example, Dadzoo mows the lawn.  He always has, and has never expected me to do it, he would rather it wait a week than have me mow it.  In the 11 years we have had a lawn to mow I think I have done it two, maybe three times.  While it isn’t really my “job” and I don’t do as good of a job as he does, I am capable of staring up the mower and mowing the lawn.

However, in all my pride at being capable, I found myself bested by a clock.

Yep, a clock.

For the last week Dadzoo had been out of town.  He went to a (well, THE) Microsoft convention in Orlando and I stayed home to hold down the fort.  Typically in the summer I am a sleep late kind of gal, I like things to be slow and unscheduled.  Well, that isn’t working out so well so far.  Punk #1 has to be at the Jr. High at 8:00 for summer band, which means I have to get her up at 7:00 so we can be leave by 7:45.   (Yes the school is 15 minutes away, that means it is a 30 minute trip to drop her off).  Seven o’clock might not be early to some, but for me it is, in the summer I really try to stay in bed until at least 8:00, more if I can, but being the good mother I am (ahem) I will drag my behind out of bed so my oldest can play the flute.  Anyway… in order to make sure I am up by 7:00 I need to use the alarm, and the alarm isn’t my “role”, Dadzoo handles that.  It is on his side of the bed, he sets it every night and handles exactly how it is run.  Well, late Sunday night (in actuality Monday morning, after the zillionth time checking the door, windows, kids and every strange noise) I went to set the alarm for 7:00.  Blah!  In my bleary eyed tiredness, I couldn’t figure out how to change the time on the darn thing.  After, what felt like a good half hour, probably more like 5 minutes, I crawled into bed and just left it at its default time, 6:00 am.  Promptly at 6:00 it went off, and I hit the snooze button 6, yes SIX times, because heaven forbid I get out of bed before 7:00 on a summer morning.  Now, you would think the capable part of me would figure the darn clock out during the day when I was fresh and wide awake, but the uncapable part of me forgot until that night and so I once again went with the default time, and that is what I have been doing all week, waking up at 6:00 am and hitting snooze every 10 minutes for an hour.

Here’s to being capable!

I will be so glad when Dadzoo gets home and he can just wake me up at 7:00 and I won’t have to fiddle with than dang alarm clock.

Breath Of Spring

 March might have come in like a lion, but has now mellowed out into a soft springtime lamb.

With the coming of sunny days and soft temperatures I feel the great desire to clean out the cobwebs from my brain and house.  One of my most anticipated “firsts” of spring is hanging out the laundry.  The other day was just perfect, the was a light breeze and the temperatures were in the sixties.  I haven’t hung out laundry since before Lydia was born last summer and I had forgotten how much I enjoy hanging laundry.  I had forgotten how fresh and clean everything smells, how much I enjoy the quiet while outside hanging wet clothes, and how much I love the feel of the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair.


What is your favorite “first” of spring?