The Nursery

Sneak Peek

The nursery is nearly complete.
It required a little construction,
a lot of paint,
and was so much fun to do!

I have always wanted to do a “white on white” room
(white is my favorite color after all)
and so I decided that this nursery would be just that, white on white.
I figured it was a prudent choice, when other babies, boy babies to be exact, come along it will be easy to make into a boys room too.

As soon as it is complete,
I will
to be sure
post many more pictures.


But I couldn’t help posting a little sneak peek.

The Entry


The entries to my house have always bugged me.  The front door opens to a nice little entry room, with a nice little coat closet and since it is the formal entry way into our home I have wanted to keep it more like that, a formal entry.  The other two doors into the house open directly into living areas, one being the kitchen and the other the eating area of our house.  There really isn’t a seperate area where we can walk in and deposit coats, hats and gloves adn have them out of the way.  In the past I kept a large basket under a table in the front enrty way, hoping to catch all the misc items adn the kids coats and keep them looking sort of neat.  Well, I have decided that that approache isn’t working (after 10 years, I know I can be a tad stubborn).  With our family growing larger, and hopefully it will continue to grow over the next few years, I had to give up my idea of having a “formal” entry and just work with things being functional.  Here is what I came up with, and I am really happy with the results, so far the kids have kept everything picked up and neat, and that is always a good thing!

We purchased this little “bench” from IKEA, it is acutally part of an entertainment center, this is the piece that a TV is supose to sit on, then you buy whatever shelcing you would like to go around it.  It is  a sturdy piece of furnature, and it works well as a bench too, the drawars will be used for hats, scarves and gloves.

(this is why I don’t like to paint, I can never get the tape off…..)

Dadzoo took a 2×6, cut the ends at a 45 degree angle (to look nice) and screwed the board into the wall, into the studs, knowing that the hooks wold be carring a lot of weight.  He then attached the hooks to the board. Very simple, looks nice and will serve my purpose.

So far this has worked really well, the coats actually end up where they are supose to be, instead of on the floor, and I don’t think it takes away from the “formality” of my “formal” entry.
(at least too much anyway)


Moving Day

Spring Break at our house isn’t a week loaded with vacations, activities and general fun.  It isn’t all bad, the kids have plenty of time to play with friends, and there are late nights, with movies and popcorn.  It is  a nice break from the regular grind.  Usually I have some big project that we all work on during spring break, typically it has something to do with spring cleaning and packing away winter clothes, cleaning closets, that kind of stuff. 


This year was a moving day for my girls.  Because baby sister is coming and needs a little room we used our week long vacation to move the big girls around.   Right now our home has 4 finished bedrooms: the master bedroom, little brother’s room, and the other two were shared by two girls a piece.  We (I) decided that all 4 of the older girls could share the basement room, when it was built we make it rather big with a big closet and it can easily accomidate 4 growing girls, that way the baby can have a nursery, and won’t be interupted when she is napping, on the other side an older child won’t be locked out of their room while baby is napping or woken up by baby durring the night. 


A lot of people express suprise and wonder (out loud) at my general sanity, putting 4 girls in one room.  At those times I am reminded of my own pioneer ancestors who slept many people in a room, infact I just finished reading a biography where one family was so excited and happy that they had finally built themselves an 8×10 foot cabin to sleep all twelve of them, and that they no longer had to sleep in tents.  I would dare say that it has only been in recent history that it was felt that children were intitled to their own room or to only have to it share with one sibling.

That being said, I did want to make the move and the room special for my girls.  They are good sports about the whole thing, and I haven’t heard a single complaint durring the whole process, infact I have had a couple of them say how excited they were to all be together.  The biggest adjustment that has had to be made was the older girls learning to be quiet when they go to bed when the littler ones are asleep, also the first few nights they were up giggling and playing games.  One of the first nights they were down there together they asked if they could “play quietly in bed”.  This is something I let them do often, and it means that they can read or color quietly in bed until they are sleepy.  Well after a little while Dadzoo went to check on them and found all 4 girls sitting on one bed playing card games.  They were promptly sent to their own beds to sleep, but we weren’t mad at them, I love that they are making friends with each other.

Anyway, I will stop talking and show pictures of their new room.  It has never been completely decorated before, so I am excited to have decorated a very girly room for my girls!



Bathroom Re-do

I am completely smitten with my new bathroom re-do.

Nine and a half years ago when we first moved into this house, I painted the main (kids) bathroom a bright blue and decorated it in rubber duckies.  It was nice and cute, but after nine and a half years it most defiantly needed a little sprucing up, at the very least  a new coat of paint.  Since I was going to paint, I figured new colors would be nice and maybe something that wasn’t so little-kiddish for my children who were growing up.  One thing led to another and that translated into new colors, towels, decorations and a piece of furniture.  I am amazed that the room could look so different, despite the fact we didn’t change any of the “big” things (next time for sure!).

Needless to say, I love it, and had to share!

Sorry the pictures aren’t so great, that room has zero natural light, so I did the best I could with the camera flash and lights in the bathroom.
The existing vanity doesn’t have any drawers, who does that?  As my girls have gotten older, we have needed a storage solution for all their misc items that a girl needs in the bathroom.  We purchased this nice cabinet, each girl gets a basket for their own personal items, so far it is working very well.