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My country girl homeschooler

My late night blogging sessions have abruptly ended, due to school. Yes school. I dread school.  Like, really dread it. The free spirit in me loves the lazy days of summer, whit no schedules, no homework, late nights and late mornings. But alas, the children must be schooled and so like a million other families we are slaves to the time constraints set up by the all mighty school district. I have a high schooler now, which means my days start at the horrible hour of 5:30 am, this will be my reality for the next 20 years as each of my children march through the system, I pray for my sanity and the health of my family, as I do not do mornings well.

I’m really not as put out by it all as I sound.  There is something nice and familiar about the rhythms of the fall and winter with children off to school it means family breakfast and dinners, cool evenings, harvest time. I’ve found a harpy medium in regards to my need for structor and the longing of my free spirit.  The teenagers go to public school and my little ones stay home to be educated with my guidance. For our family this works best, I like the opportunities afforded my older children by the school system, things that I cannot provide. I also enjoy the freedoms I have with and for my younger children who are not strapped with seven hour days and hours of homework at night, I feel like I am giving them the gift of childhood. I know this set up doesn’t work for every family and I am so thankful for the choices we have in education and the freedom to exercise those choices.

Playing, Learning, Living

Little Man and Monkey building a “Dirt Factory”

For many years Dadzoo and I dreamed and dreamed about moving somewhere that was off the beaten path.  We wanted a place where we could put down deep roots and raise our family.  We wanted land, to grow our own food, to live seasonally by the sweat of our brow.  We wanted a place where our children would be free to spread their wings, to learn to work hard, to discover themselves and what they are capable of.


I am finding that my children are amazing.  They work so hard.  They see our vision and have made it their own.


I love to watch my children play here.  There are so many different things for their imaginations.  Not only do they have the advantage of lots of space, there is a lot of junk (another post) lying around and we don’t have a manicured yard.  There is a lot of freedom.


I like that, freedom, to learn and explore and discover.

Next school year we are going start homeschooling.  The plan is to homeschool the elementary kids, and one they hit middle school years we will make decisions based on the child.  I am so excited to be homeschooling again, and nervous, but mostly excited as we start this journey together here on the farm.