And It Starts


Finally, after weeks of waiting we are starting to pull in a harvest. The beans have come on, about 6 weeks late, and we are getting more and more each day. I’m beginning to believe that I might have food to store for the winter!


Today I canned my first batch of beans, a modest 6 quarts out of the 50 or 60 I hope to do this fall, it’s a small start, but a start.


5 thoughts on “And It Starts

  1. Our garden is slow this year as well. Our beans are just coming on a handful at a time. Our cucumbers have more than made up for it and I am bottling pickles like a mad woman! The potatoes and carrots are amazing though, so is the Kohlrabi and I have some sauerkraut brewing already! Hope it gets warmer to get my tomatoes red soon!

    • I hope so, my kids loved them, it just depends in how many beans we get. I hope to get about 60 quarts canned, once those are done I will use the rest for dilly beans.

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